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DailyFantastic’s 100 Best FF Recap, Part 17 (FF #81-85)

In these issues, we are reminded again and again that all kings are evil, except for those who have the word “Black” in their names. Anyway, we met some evil kings during these events:

81. Crystal joined the team, and reminded her teammates that being a girl doesn’t prevent her from trapping everyone in a hurricane.

82. Maximus was clearly compensating for something.

83. Reed Richards saved all his friends by thinking very, very hard.

84. Dr. Doom held a Fantastic Four-themed parade and it wasn’t suspicious at all.

85. Sue Storm proved she was the woman of my (very strange and specific) dreams by dressing in a super-glam 70s outfit and shopping for a haunted house.

Did she buy a haunted house? Maybe you remember! But if you don’t, you know to stay tuned to the rest of our recap!

DailyFantastic’s 100 Best Fantastic Four Recap, Part 16 (FF #76-80)

We’re sliding into the home-stretch here! Do you remember such exciting moments as:

76. The Silver Surfer made abandoning responsibilities and smiling about it seem cool some forty-five years before Elsa did.

77. Reed Richards, not Psycho Man, is the real master of painful psychological attacks.

78. The Wizard’s gloves wound up being far more effectual than he was.

79. Johnny Storm’s dumb jokes proved to be the best part of an entire multi-issue arc about robots or something.

80. Wyatt Wingfoot shot Reed Richards out of a bazooka. That’s it. That’s the joke.

Yeah, there was pretty much no recovering from Wyatt Wingfoot shooting Reed Richards out of a bazooka.

DailyFantastic’s 100 Best FF Recap, Part 15 (FF #71-75)

Phew. Guys, I’ve blogged about a lot of issues, huh? Are any of you still reading, or am I blogging these into the aether? Hm. Anyway, here’s how these issues went down:

71. We had one rule, and Reed Richards had to go and break it.

72. The Silver Surfer took us all to school.

73. After using Spider-Man as a taxi, Thor and Ben Grimm had a catchphrase-off.

74. Ben Grimm greatly overestimated what you can buy at an A & P.

75. Galactus summoned Shambling Featureless Fantastic Four Zombie Clones, and I had a hard time distinguishing the Shambling Featureless Reed Clone from the real thing. (I kid, I kid).

Here’s a secret: I literally had no memory of these issues until I looked for these images. Did you know Galactus came back? I didn’t!

DailyFantastic’s 100 Best FF Recap, Part 14 (FF #66-70)

Wow, so…um. These issues. Welp.

66. A mad scientist assured Alicia that making sculptures of things could literally save the world, and somehow we all believed him.

67. A bearded Reed Richards was more intimidating than Batman could ever dream of being.

68. Crystal showed us all how to handle unwanted advances: with hurricanes.

69. The Mad Thinker stopped being Santini in order to look as terrible as he was.

70. Reed Richards displayed one of his several qualifications.

…Hey, I’ve been forgetting the annuals. Oh well.

DailyFantastic’s 100 Best FF Recap, Part 13 (FF #61-65)

'Cos no feeling feels like that feeling, Johnny and Crystal are together again! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First, this stuff happened:

61. Sandman went back to college to learn all about “science,” which apparently covers all forms of mech-suit creation.

62. Blastaar woke up like this.

63. Ben Grimm let us all know what time it was.

64. The Kree Sentry hit Reed Richards so hard, he turned into modern art.

65. Even Ronan couldn’t accuse Johnny and Ben of not being adorable.

Also yeah, Johnny and Crystal got back together. But I guess as far as I’m concerned, the big pairings of these issues were Sandman/Blastaar and Ben/Johnny, Super Bros

DailyFantastic’s 100 Best FF Recap, Part 12 (FF #56-60)

Oh my goodness, guys. Have you ever stopped to think about how EXCELLENT Stan and Jack were from about FF #35 through FF #60? Doom Cosmic! The Quest for the Inhumans! Sue Using Reed as a Parachute! It’s all here, guys:

56. Reed became Klaw’s worst nightmare.

57. Dr. Doom is the world’s friendliest monarch, and don’t you forget it.

58. As cosmic threats brewed, Ben Grimm speculated about an AU where Reed Richards forced him to become a ghostbuster.

59. We all penciled Doomsday into our calendars.

60. The gang escaped from Doom with help from pedantic language use and a hilarious parachute.

Up next: the Silver Surfer becomes evil, Sandman goes to college, and Ben Grimm fails to plan a vacation. I can’t wait!

DailyFantastic’s 100 Best FF Recap, Part 11 (FF #51-55)

Wyatt Wingfoot! Black Panther! This span of issues was a good time for representation! And an even better time for baseball. What happened?

51. Thanks to This Man, we finally get to the Negative Zone, inspiring a never-ending string of plots where some idiot opens that door that no one is supposed to open.

52. Black Panther knocks Reed Richards’s lights out.

53. The Klaw, everyone’s favorite Pearl Jam-esque, Strong Bad-wannabe sound-based racist, turned it up to 11.

54. The Fantastic Four played the world’s least fair baseball game because they like watching Wyatt suffer.

55. Ben Grimm and the Silver Surfer had girl troubles that Reed Richards couldn’t be bothered to care about.

Also, Johnny and Wyatt had an adventure with Lockjaw. They have a life outside of you, you know.

DailyFantastic’s 100 Best FF Recap, Part 8 (FF #36-40)

I think of all of these recaps, this might be my favorite five-issue span, because it introduces the following:

36. We meet Paste-Pot Pete, whose confidence in his inane superpower is completely unjustified.

37. The Fantastic Four ruin their own rehearsal dinner thanks to a small problem like OFFICIALLY MAKING PEACE WITH THE SKRULL EMPIRE ONCE AND FOR ALL, NO TAKE BACKS

38. Reed Richards puts a spring in Ben Grimm’s step when the gang clashes with Paste-Pot Pete The Trapster.

39. Reed Richards builds the world’s worst replacement heroes.

40. Fantastic 40 is a brilliant gamechanger that pretty much even I can’t make fun of.

Anyway, if you like the Frightful Four and Ben smashing Doom as much as I do (which is borderline impossible), you probably loved these issues too. Did we enjoy the next five issues as much? Possibly. Probably not.

DailyFantastic’s 100 Best FF Recap, Part 10 (FF #46-50)

Uncontroversial opinion: Galactus is really cool. But do you remember what happened before ol’ No Pants showed up? Here’s how I recall it:

46. We all had some fun (this beat was sick) as we took a ride on the Seeker’s Universal Control Rod.

47. Sue Storm chose the worst possible time to change her hairdo.

48. The Silver Surfer was cool, and no one was surprised.

49. The Fantastic Four learned that intergalactic beings of godlike power are not fans of pants as a rule.

50. Johnny Storm went to college, and we met DailyFantastic’s all-time favorite Fantastic Four character: healthy eater and dog-lover extraordinaire Wyatt Wingfoot!

And thus ended an era! What happened next? Join us later to find out!

DailyFantastic’s 100 Best FF Recap, Part 9 (FF #41-45)

Ben Grimm quit the team here, and it was awesome. But other things happened too!

For instance:

41 and 42. Medusa used her hair to play Poker and light a cigar, while Ben Grimm’s evil personality made him grow teeth.

43. Johnny Storm gets riled by an attractive female.

44. We learned a little about Gorgon and Medusa, and Ben Grimm cracked wise about it.

45. Johnny Storm meets the girl of his dreams and the dog of his nightmares.

Wow, good stuff. Well, we all know what happens in FF #50. Hint: it involves purple miniskirts.